My Giving Tuesday Top 5

Like many of you, the election made me think a LOT about the issues, causes and values that I’m passionate about, so I’m sharing my Giving Tuesday Top 5.

Below is the list of awesome nonprofits I supported on #givingtuesday, all with a proven track record of making a positive impact. Some are local, some global; some systemic, some direct action; some rural, some urban. They touch on the environment, food security, women & children, social justice, homelessness, youth leadership, arts and civic participation. Though the organizations are very different, they do have a few things in common:

  • They are small to mid-sized lean organizations so every dollar you give will make a huge difference
  • I picked organizations you may not have heard of, but which I know very well. So  in addition to supporting the big name .orgs doing awesome work (like the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Donors Choose, etc) — keep these guys in mind!
  • Every single one of these organizations is working hard and working smart, day in and day out for a higher vision and better future for people and for our planet.

So read on my friends — and if you missed Giving Tuesday, there’s nothing holding you back from Giving Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!

Themes: Environment, Social Justice, Activism

I recently attended a high-level, action-oriented funder briefing from Standing Rock leaders and this “train the trainers” organization was one of the top giving asks mentioned at the meeting. IP3 is a non-violent direct action training and support network of Indigenous trainers offering critical support customized to fit the community cultural traditions. These are the leaders on the front lines shaping the ground game and managing the communities who are mobilizing to protect not only Standing Rock but also the entire Mississippi River ecosystem.

ct_projects2) CREATIVE TIME
Theme: Arts-based Activism, Civic Participation

Creative Time is one of the most bold, provocative public arts organizations in the world. You may know them from the 9/11 WTC Twin Beams of Light memorial or their recent massive Doomocracy installation at the Brooklyn Army Terminal which was a “house of horrors” inspiring critical thinking about elections, politics and the world we’re creating – for better or for worse. I’m pretty convinced that without art, all would be lost. In the words of Hank Willis Thomas, “The role of art is to make non-sense of things that make sense.” Thanks to Creative Time and the artists they feature, we are reminded that we don’t have to take the world as is – we can wake up and fight for a better one. (Pro-tip: if you join as a member you get early invitations to their incredible events which always sell out.)

Themes: Healthy Democracies, Social Justice, Education, Youth Leadership

HiA is an international human rights fellowship organization which uses the lessons of history to prepare young leaders for the challenges of today and tomorrow. It operates in the US (Atlanta and soon Detroit) and all over Europe, and the exponentially growing network of youth leaders working in all sectors have engaged in hundreds of action projects with community partners on topics such as Islamophobia, Criminal Justice Reform, the Refugee Crisis, Racism and Social Entrepreneurship. HiA also has a benefit coming up on December 8 with Cornell Brooks, Mariko Silver, David Rubenstein, Antonella Caruso hosted by Hamilton author and HiA board member Ron Chernow — click here for info.

terreform-smart-city-farm-34) TerreformONE
Themes: Environment, Eco-Design, Smart Cities

TerreformONE is a non-profit consulting organization based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s NewLab and working all over the world with cities, designers, urbanists, governments, architects, educational institutions and corporations who want get into action with wildly creative ideas for greener living and better cities. The T1 crew are like the mad genius Willy Wonkas of eco-urbanism, and they can break down big complex environmental challenges or big data abstractions into gorgeous prototype provocations, customized research and hands-on workshops. You can give them a donation AND hire them if you are part of a company or community interested in thinking creatively about design, cities and the environment.

5) CHiPS
Themes: Homelessness, Women & Families, Food & Shelter

CHiPS supports women and children right in my back yard here in Brooklyn. They run a shelter, food service and life skills training to help women get back on their feet. In addition, 80% of the food is served in partnership with the Park Slope Food Co-op and local restaurants so it’s fresh, organic and delicious.

I hope you enjoyed my Giving Tuesday Top 5 list. Drop me a tweet @miss_lord to let me know which organizations you supported today — or any day of the year.

Viva la revolución and get out there and give.

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