One response to “The Mathematics of Doing Good

  1. If Philanthropy was policy:

    Change government structures by law to allocate
    a percentage of either tax breaks or net profit
    to a balance of integrated charitable
    responses that tackle the problems at their core as well as
    immediate personal needs.
    It means pennies for them in the long run and major structured
    continual help for society and able to become a viable movement in that societies elite structure since you will have the monies
    for promotion.

    You want to do business here saving yourself insurmountable
    costs? Then your going to set aside this “percentage” monthly
    coming out of your companies into the charitable strategies
    all designed to quell the “usury” of the companies effect on society
    in that country such as child labor and inequality along with resource and waste management in ever so unseen ways.

    Pull on the heart/(conscience) strings of the elitist classes whom
    have so wonderfully destroyed their own societies without conscious thought and ever so politely since the system is broke
    and for a great part of it they are not responsible for their actions.

    Ahhh, A perfect world! But it is doable with the right team and
    I have no doubt any of your endeavors will flourish.


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